Benefit of data analysis for your daily job – vol.2

We are facing extremely huge volume of data or information everyday.

It is also growing so quickly and no one is capable of recognizing all the information surrounding him/her.

This is the data to show the growing gap between the total data volume and consumed(recognized) data volume in Japan.


source: Ministry of internal affairs and communications of Japan

The green line shows total data volume available and the red one shows total data volume consumed.

Needless to say, one has a limit of the information size to recognize and manage as a human being, while we are surrounded by the even more huge volume of data than you can recognize.


Data analysis may solve the issue by summarizing and/or extracting the valuable information out of the data, which you will never be able to see by yourself.

Now it makes sense that there is a huge gap between one who knows how to do it(i.e. data analysis) and one who does not.



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