Surprise? No surprise? What data analysis tools business managers use for daily jobs?

For most of the daily jobs (except for the reserch analysts, data scientists etc.), you do NOT need any special tools for data analysis.

A couple of years ago, I conducted an interview to 62 business managers from a variety of manufacturing companies in Japan.

I had two questions there:

(1) Which tool/method do you use for your daily jobs?

(2) Do you think the methods you use now are sufficient enough?

The results were prefectly in line with my assumption.

The findings are :

(i) Almot half of the managers use very basic tools.(Average, graphing)

(ii) Some managers use standard deviation, correlation and single regression analysis (You do Not need more than 5 seconds to do those analysis with the Excel standard function)

(iii) 100% of the managers answered YES to the question (2), which proved that you do Not need highly technical expertise or tools to meet their job requirements.


This is the basis of my data-analysis training programs for many companies to enhance their data literacy.

That is to master basic analysis methods rather than technical ones to get a quick-wins in your daily jobs.


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