◾Benefits of data analysis for your daily job – vol.3

Data” has strong power of convincing.

The biggest difference between professional data analysts and others(such as business persons) are its ultimate objectives.

 – Data anaylsts dig data for finding “something” from the data.

 – Business persons dig data for reinforcing his/her arguments, of which goal is getting an agreement with stakeholders.

“Data” conveys its message in very simple and clear way and is common across the world. It seems that data has more power in a global job environments. (such as my office….)

I have seen many people fail to realize his/her proposals and/or plans without trying to use the “data” approach. But in order to reach the goal (convinsing others), data approach should be more encouraged in many business situations.


I am afraid that the well-known buzzwords “Big data” and ” Data scientists” are confusing many people to distinguish the difference. Introduction of a new big data system or hiring data scientists would not be a solution of your success.


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