Benefits of data analysis for your daily job – vol.4

One of the benefits of data analysis is “communicative competence”.


How do you communicate in your workplace?

When you ask a question…

When you report to your boss…

When you request something….


In many cases, you may communicate verbally. In some cases, you may use graphs or charts to share your thoughts.

However, you should know the interpretation of a work varies from a person to person, especially in the global environment where you will face people with different languages, mindsets, culture and sense of value etc.

In such case,  what you say is NOT necessarily what they understand.

For example, if you say “many people say so”, then what is the definition of “many”, 10, 1000 or 100000???


Yes, charts and graphs are usuful to share the overall picture, but still it is lacking concreteness.


 “Data” really works in such case!

But you cannot use large volume of data directly.

You can dig up something interesting behind the data by arrangement or analysis.

It is far more useful and concrete than unclear “words” or “charts”.


While a picture or video can bring more information, data also provide huge information with accuracy!



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