From my lecture note at university (Modeling with statistics)

I started my class at Yokohama National University last week as a visiting lecturer.

My class is named “Modeling with statistics” and designed for international (undergraduate) students, where my focus is not academic theory of statistics but rather on practical application of data analysis techniques to “real” business world.

My class is composed of variety of nationalities and look very exiciting!

From the 1st class, I would like to show some discussions:

This is one of the quite common graph you see at your office. What is missing from here to get some insights useful for your business? This was my question.


An expected answer was: This is just a snapshot and you cannot see any “trend”.

Here is another one:


An expected answer was: Good to look at trend but no breakdown of “Revenue”. What were in the “revenue”? by product, by customer etc.

Fianlly, this is very boring chart we frequnetly see:


An expected answer was: What are the reasons/factors of the result? How would you investigate those?

Those questions motivated the students to learn more about the real world of business.

I am looking forward to the 2nd session this week!


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