From my lecture note at university #7 (Modeling with statistics)

Today’s class was to tackle some practical exercises, where the students were required to apply the correlation analysis to the real world issues “practically”.

The first issue was to find a bottleneck in the operational process, where you are requested to translate the mathematical results into verbal explanation.


Second issue was to find a root-cause in the purchase process(funnel) and propose counter-measures to fix it.


Students founds it hard to interpret the analysis results into their own words and make a proposal, which was exactly my intention.


Third one was to drill down the cause analysis of the issue found in the Question 2, where the analysis of the customer survey results is required.

The point was visualizing the positions of the options and their priority makes your proposal and analysis even more convincing and easy to understand for the audience.

Next week, we will conduct the second workshop, where each team will present thier own studies using statistical techniques! Enjoy.

Please contact me if my lecture/training will help you or your organization to improve your competitiveness in the practical data analysis and data literacy.


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