Business data analysis class in Bangkok

I just returned from Bangkok, Thailand for my lecture at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology.

The students learned how they find the area(s) of issue using various data. The techniques they used were only “comparison” and “breakdown” and no typical statistics was introduced.

At the end, they found it hard to find some insights even with very simple data, which was my main objective.

At the same time, as I had expected, they started using data before making their own assumptions. I knew it would make their analysis more complex but it was good for their excercise.

I really love to support those talented students to develop their “hidden” skills.

CIMG4804 CIMG4828 CIMG4817 CIMG4818 CIMG4822 CIMG4811 CIMG4826 CIMG4799 CIMG4810


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