◾From my lecture note at university #11(Modeling with statistics)

We started inferential statistics today but only for this week and next week.

Many people hate the statistical testing staff as it is very confusing and sometimes they feel it not practical. Therefore, I focused only on the most practical one which is testing a gap between two averages using T-test.

It was really hard to explain the concept of the statistical testing (population and samples). At the start, I used an example of coin-tossing to test the 50%:50% chance.

Secondly, I reminded the students that the data we had been using was just sampled data not from the population, which you have to be aware of.



I always try to explain a practical way to use the statistics, rather than just a theory. The step chart below was used as an introduction.


This was the hardest part to explain. I showed two approaches, critical value approach (t-value) and probability approach(p-value).


Finally, as always and as my policy, I had the students to solve some practical problems as follows:


At the next session, we will continue to learn more about the statistical testing.


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