Next semester at Yokohama National University

While it is in the spring break now, I would like to resume updating when the new semester starts in April.

I will have a class of “Logical problem-solving” for the international students, where I will talk about how you can solve business issues in a logical way to reach an agreement and/or to get an approval of a decision-maker.

Logical thinking approach is required for problem-solving and data analysis which can be a method for the problem-solving as well.
What I found at my class of the university or in the training programs for corporate clients was they need to learn more about how to apply the data analysis techniques for their practical problems.

They all depends on my personal and professional experience at the global company, Nissan Motor Ltd., where I used to work as a business/management problem-solver with its executives.

I am so excited to start the new program for the class and for my corporate clients as well.



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