Logical problem solving class #9 at Yokohama National University

We have moved from logic development at an individual level to problem solving at a group level. As the first step, I talked about affinity diagram.


Affinity diagram is used to aggregate variety of ideas into some common groups. With this you can observe a big picture of the issue and it makes easier to develop an overall logic structure rather than just handling each individual idea.


After the explanations and individual exercises, we started group work to build its own logic to support a common conclusion, which is “Online program should be more available”.

 11401570_96 11401177_96336750

I hope each student learned one of the techniques to generalize many opinions to make a group conclusion efficiently.


Next week, we will see the conclusions from each team and compete with one another in terms of the logic and persuasiveness.


I believe the students enjoyed the exercise so much!


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