Logical problem solving class #10 at Yokohama National University

Today we continued the group discussion where the students were requested to develop a logical story to reach the given conclusion.

The conclusion was “ Online class should be more available at universities”.


The purposes of this exercise were

(i) learn how to reach a consensus in a group with people how have different opinions

(ii) learn how to make a logic structure to support the conclusion


Five teams competed with each other in the presentation in terms of consistency and persuasiveness, assuming that they are presenting their own “Online class” systems to university staff.


While most of the groups made effectively their logical story from some evidence (reasons) to the conclusion, I found that some groups still depended on their own experience or opinion as premises.


I made some feedback to each presentation but the most critical one was about the effectiveness of the premise/assumption to support the conclusion.

That is, the most powerful or strongest premise would be “general principle” or “common understanding”. You may rely on specific examples but you should be aware that personal experience or opinion would be the weakest premise. You may be able to reinforce the power of the premise/evidence, you may aggregate more examples and refer to other data and information to justify your personal opinion.


The exercise was very practical in the situation which was similar to the one in real business setting.


I believe that those kind of class was quite unique and I am sure the students have been developing very practical logic skills in my class. I really hope that I can deliver the program in many occasions in the world.


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