Logical problem solving class #11 at Yokohama National University

Today we moved into a discussion on “Problem –solving”. As the first step of the problem solving, I talked about “Logic-tree” used for issue identification, root-cause identification and counter-action selection with a tree structure which breakdowns the issue into some categories.


As you make more layers, issues are broken down into specific items. It would help you reach a specific items to identify and/or solve the original issue.

As a fundamental technique to develop a logic tree, the concept of MECE is indispensable. In today’s class the students learn its concept and tried some exercises to be familiar with MECE structure.


For example, the first question was “breakdown “”Automobile”” with logic tree”. The first layer can be something such as “2 wheels “ “3 wheels “….. But you have to make sure that the structure (logic tree) meets the MECE requirement, which was a challenge for the students.

Next week we will apply the MECE concept and logic tree for more real problem solving.

Finally I announced final exam assignment to be presented at the final class.



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