Logical problem solving class #12 at Yokohama National University

We started with MECE exercise today, where the students were required to breakdown “Communication tool” into more detail categories. Some students broke it into “Digital” and “Analogue”, while another students did it into “Voice”, “Audio” and “Others”.

What they had to learn here was to make sure that they covers everything (not to miss anything critical) and do not double count anything when they breakdown a topic.

The MECE concept works for developing a logic tree.

With a logic tree you can breakdown an original issue into some more detail categories so that you can capture overview of the issues as well as each detail to reach at pin-point issue(s).

You may utilize a logic tree for three objectives in a problem-solving process:

  1. Find an issue point(s) — WHAT/WHERE
  2. Find a root-cause — WHY
  3. Select counter-actions —HOW

Finally, in order to learn how to apply those logical thinking concepts and tools for a problem-solving, we started a practical exercise of problem-solving.

無題w  無題we

In the exercise, students developed a logic tree to identify some issue points in there.

It was a good exercise for the students to learn how to draw an overall picture of the issue and how to “logically” identify where the fundamental issues are.

We will continue the story next week to identify a root-cause.


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