Logical problem solving class #13 at Yokohama National University

It was the last lecture of this class today as we will have presentation session in the final two weeks as a final exam.

We continued exercises of the problem-solving.

In the case there is delivery delay in the operations. As we identified where the issues are last week, we started to identify the causes and developed action plans to fix the issue.

As we discussed last week, basic process of problem-solving using “logic tree” is

  1. Identify where the issue is (WHAT tree)
  2. Identify root-cause (WHY tree)


    3. Develop action plan (HOW tree)


The point to make your story solid is to make sure you do NOT miss anything critical and not to jump into the conclusion. In order to avoid such traps, you need to be aware of the MECE concept at each layer of the logic tree.

With the logic tree, you may be able to show how to reach your conclusion logically.

With MECE concept, you may be able to show you do not miss anything in your logic.

Both techniques can be strong weapons to reinforce your story.

I hope the students enjoyed the class (I am sure they really did!) and it helps them think in a much more logical way in their future career and everyday life.


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