4 KEY REQUIREMENTS for your logic development

When you develop your argument (message or conclusion), you have to meet four requirements in order to make your story convincing/logical.

This is a memo from my class of “logical problem solving”  at Yokohama National University:

Key requirements

First, you need to make clear what you need to address to directly support the conclusion. For example, I asked my students to develop their logic to support the following conclusion:

“Yokohama National University is the best school”

Many students, as I had expected, listed many reasons to show “the university is a GOOD university or BETTER university”, neither which is a direct answer to the original issue/conclusion. In order to support it, you need to show why you can say it is THE BEST, for which you need to show uniqueness of the university, not just showing good points or better points.

Second, when you address some reasons to support the conclusion, you need to make sure that the reasons meet MECE requirement. If you miss, even unconsciously, any critical reasons, it makes your argument very weak to convince somebody. In other word, it needs to be comprehensive.

Third, in addition to the comprehensiveness, those reasons need to be objective. Sometime you may rely on your own experience, which is very personal and limited in general. Reasons to show should be more general and objective so that you have convincing reasons.

Finally, even if you prepare many “good ” reasons, they need to logically and directly support the conclusion. Still many people make a common mistake of “logical jump”. In such case you need to show some more layers between the reason and conclusion to bridge the gap.

Also, the reason may only partially support the conclusion and you may need to have more direct reason(s) to the conclusion. You may use some “logical thinking” techniques to reinforce the connections.

Your presentation, discussion, negotiation and communication will be much more convincing and logical when you are aware of the requirements above, when you make your logic.

I would like to help you apply those concepts to practical problem solving, especially in business setting.


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