4 requirements for developing your logic (graphic form)

4 requirements

You may also check the validity of your logic with the chart above.

This is NOT written in an academic text book but quite practical in any kinds of business situations.

When you develop your logic or storyline, you define a final message/conclusion. You may need to think about who are the stakeholders and what are thier interests. You may consider all aspects of those stakeholders and define the objective.

Based on the definition, you need to find reasonable and effective factors to support the conclusion. Do not forget MECE concept but do not simply and mechanically develop the factors. This is very critical in terms of its credibility and pursuasiveness. It all depends on what axis you choose and/or framework you apply.

Needless to say, each factor should be general, objective and fact-based. Your personal experience might work in some cases but it is weak to convince others in many cases. Try to find objective reasons and collect new information and insight if you do not have any.

Finally, you have to make sure all the factos are connected in a logical manner. To do this, you may rely on some techniques such as deductive/inductive methods. You may find “hidden” assumptions when you try to apply deductive method. In such case you may change your story or strategy after you find yourself having a biased assumption.


Those are fundamental points to make your story convinsing and logical, which I talk about in my university classes and/or professional business training courses.

Please let me know if you are interested in my programs!



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