【 Final presentation at Yokohama national university 】

My students are preparing team presentations at my logical problem solving class.

Each student is required to make a group and make a team conclusion of the following topic:

XXXX is the most critical factor for new graduates to get a job.


You are also required to show how you choose XXXX as your first priority. Showing some criteria to make the priority was suggested.


During the team discussion, they are expected to experience and learn:

1) how to apply the problem-solving and/or logical thinking techniques learned in the class.

2) how to manage the diverse team members to reach a conclusion in a limited time, including (logical) facilitation skills


This is a virtual but extremely PRACTICAL experience for student to solve an issue whitinthe global business environment.


I am excited to train those global students.

I am happy to consider any possobility to provide my PRACTICAL programs to your organization even outside of Japan. My programs are all developed by myself based on my business transformation experience in a large global organization, Nissan Motor Company. You will be able to learn how to logiclly and quantitatively solve an issue and develop your conclusions.

Please contact me if you need more information!


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