A mini case for Business profit simulation class at Yokohama National University

In the program for international students at Yokohama National University, the students study some basic business skills.

Each student is required to present their own business plan at the end of the 3rd year.

In general students tend to jump to their subjective ideas without any objective justifications.

But not only an innovative idea but also logical / analytical thinking and presentation skills are required for making a valid business plan.


As one of the classes to acquire those skills I started a new class where the students learn how to financially justify their plan with a basic profit simulation with Excel.

They put their own assumptions in the simulation and are required to make sure that the accumulated profit will be positive at the end of the designated period, which each assumptions keep feasible.

This is a good exercise for the students to learn some basic business accounting and make a solid business proposal.


Today, we develop a new business simulation for the following case:

Mini case1

This was a very simple case, thus the students were required to complete the plan within an hour and they did it!

Mini case2

Mini case3

I was so happy that all the students made their own business story and mad assumptions for the story within the limited time.


I would be happy to deliver the program at your company or organizations/universities (business schools).


The class is all based on my business experience at the global company, Nissan.




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