Business skill training programs updated!

My programs have been updated as below:

All programs are delivered both in Japanese and English.

Professional business trainer, Yoshiki Kashiwagi, who has 20 years of experience at Hitachi and Nissan Motor Ltd., leads all programs.


The unique values our programs emphasize

 These values help your organization develop competitive “problem-solving” skills with logical and analytical techniques.

 (VALUE 1) Practicality first: Unlike other programs that consultants or academic lecturers with no business experience lead, ours has the goal of providing you with skill sets that you can apply TOMORROW!

(VALUE 2) Workshop-based (active learning): During the course, you will undertake 5-10 exercises that will meet your practical needs at your daily jobs.

(VALUE 3) Informed by professional experience: The course trainer has experience in several areas; he is a business book writer, a business school professor, and a professional trainer with experience working at large companies (Hitachi and Nissan).

Program lineup 2016-6

Program lineup 2016-7

Please send an email for any inquiries.


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