“Business Logics and Team Consensus” class at Yokohama National University

“Business Logics and Team Consensus” is designed for undergraduate studnets at Yokohama National University in Japan.


I made the program for the students who need busines skills to develop a logical conclusion individually or as a team. The new semester just staeted last week for English-speaking students from all over the world.


In this class, the students are required to learn how to develop thier arguments logically as communication, negotiation, presentation and planning skills in any kinds of business settings.

The class will follow the four principles described in the chart above: (1) through (4).


In the next class, we will discuss the point (1) above (The message/final conclusion is clearly defined).

My class is extremely practical so that they can use the skills very practically in the real business world. It contains lots of practical exercises.


Many people may start to tackle logic development once those conclusion is given.

But wait! It is too early and you may get lost in the later stages.

For example, when you see the statement “Every child should learn English”, the statement is specific enough? The answer is NO.

You can make it even more specific, which will make your logic more focused and convincing.

  • What does ” Every child ” mean? Every child in Japan? or all children in general? or children who want to work globally in the future? Definition may make a big difference in your logic development.
  • What is the situation of “local industry is active”? The size of the market is growing? Stable employment? Lots of innovations are generated? etc.
  • “Improvemment of operation”? in terms of cost effectiveness, efficiency or something else?

There are many aspects you have to consider to make it more specific before starting to develop your logic. Otherwise you will never know what your logic answers to…..


This is just an entrance of my class and logic development.  Have fun!






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