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Girl (The Beatles): Piano solo cover

New one has been added to my collection.


Piano cover: Yes It Is (The Beatles)

Another piano cover of the Beatles’s song.

It is one of the greatest songs in the early days of the Beatles history.
It was long after I started collecting the Beatles songs that I finally got the song as “Past Masters” record was not officially sold at that time.

Piano cover: Your mother should know (The Beatles)

Covered another great the Beatles’ song, which is not necessarily one of the well-known songs though.

Piano cover: I will (The Beatles)

Another piano cover from the Beatles’s song, “I will” (in the white album).
This song is not that popular as other famous Beatles’ songs but the melody is extremely amazing.

Piano cover: “Here, there and everywhere (The Beatles)”

Here is another cover of a song of the Beatles, “Here, there and everywhere”.

It makes me realize again their music is quite unique and extremely awesome.

Playing the piano with my 7-year-old daughter (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds: The Beatles)

I give a lesson to my 7-year-old daughter and now she learned how to play with both hands.


We completed the whole piece together (I am helping some parts). It is great experience to enjoy it with my daughter.

Playing “If I Fell(The Beatles)” with Piano

I made some arrangements on the original music and recorded as a model for my 6-year-old daughter to practice.

This will be the next one for the lesson with her. 

Not just listening but playing a song lets me know how the Beatles music was made.