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(Final exam case for BBA student) Financial business planning class

Today I announced a business case for final exam presentation for BBA students at Yokohama National University.


In my class, the students learn how to develop a profitability simulation for any type of business.

Not only making a plan but also risk assessment techniques are also taught in the class.


This is a part of the case and requirements:










They have two weeks to prepare their “four-minute” presentation. Like real business world, reading books and discussing with friends are allowed but those may not lead you to a solution.


They are required to develop their own business strategy and story and let the financial numbers justify the story.


Here is my evaluation criteria:







Good luck and look forward their “good” presentation!


Business profit simulation class (Final exam)

Final exam case was announced last week.

The students are required to complete their own business financial plan and give an individual presentation in two weeks.


This is the case:


There is no “right” answer but the plan must be feasible and reasonable while meeting all the business requirements given in advance.


They have already learned the techniques to develop a business financial plan.

Making reasonable assumptions and adjustments to meet the requirements are the key!


Good luck and enjoy it !



What you need to consider when drilling down the data.(vol.2)

There is always a gap between theory and reality.

A theoretically correct idea is not necessarily a right answer in reality. You may observe the same issue in the data analysis.

When you drill down or breakdown a set of data by some axis (age, area, product etc.), you may come up with lots of options of axis. Even if it is theoretically possible, I would suggest that you should make sure that the axis you select will lead to some effective action(s).

For example, if you try to categorize the sales results by the weather (sunny, rainy or cloudy), you may able to technically do it. But it would not help you determine the actions you take for sales improvement because you cannot control the weather anyway.

If you use some axis by which you drill down some data, you may consider whether the axis is actionable or not. This is extremely important from the practical viewpoints.

If you select “age” axis for your analysis, then you may reach some actionable ideas on how to improve the sales from a certain category of age( eg. 20’s).

In business, “actionable” is always a priority.

the axis.