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Business statistics class for undergraduate students

This is a apart of my university program “Practical application of Business statistics”.

We started the semester by asking the students to

“Make your conclusion(s) by comparing any kinds of two or more data sets”.


The students were allowed to use any data, index or techniques to make a conclusion as I did not teach any analytical techniques nor thinking process yet.


After one week, the students prepared quite interesting works as follows (this is only a part of the all results):


Each student presented their own work within 5 min.  and we discussed how convincing and interesting it was in the class. Also discussed how you could have improved it in order to make the conclusion clearer and more convincing (this is important part).


My objective of the assignment was to make a “story” based on the face(data) , rather simply comparing the data, as the goal of business data analysis is NOT making an analysis result but finding useful insights and making a conclusion to convince your business partners.


I gave each student my feedbacks in the following viewpoints:


(A) Did you do an appropriate comparison?  — eg. number of automobiles in the US and Japan cannot be directly compared as they have different population.


(B) Did you make a conclusion (story) rather than showing calculation results? — Your audience wants to hear not results but “conclusion!”


(C) Is your conclusion based on the facts derived from data? —  Didn’t you put lots of your own assumptions to make the conclusion? (This is called “Logic jump”)


These three points are fundamental to business data literacy. I am not going to talk about “academic” statistics in my class but very practical business data literacy which is required in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) era.


I would be happy to provide my workshop class at your university class as well!


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Business skill training programs

I have the following training programs for both business persons and academic (business) students:


  • Business problem solving : 

– Goal setting

– Process design

– Issue breakdown

– Cause identification

– Countermeasure making


  • Basic data analysis for business application

– How to apply basic statistics to your business problem solving

– How to apply data/statistics to your business proposals

– Goal setting/ hypothesis approach etc.

– Difference between “data summary” and “data analysis”

– Four dimensions to catch “data information”

– Correlation and regression analysis etc.


  • Logical thinking

– What is “logical”?

– How to avoid illogical thinking

– Necessary process to make a logical conclusion


Here are some options:

  1) One-day training (mainly for business persons)

  2) One week intensive course (mainly for academic students)

  3) A few hour-seminar 


All the programs are designed so that you can apply the skills for practical use in business.


I have over 50 corporate clients in Japan (both Japanese and global companies) and organization in the public sector.



I would be happy to discuss opportunity to deliver my program(s) in English outside Japan.

My programs in English

I have some business skills training programs in English, such as “Business data analysis”, “Logical thinking for business problem-solving” etc.

I also have some class programs for undergraduate/graduate students at university.

Please find more details at the following link: http://data-story.net/english/


The skills you can learn in the programs are “fundamental”,  “practical(not purely academic) ” and “effective” in any type of business.

It is also possoble to customize the contents of the programs according to your requirements and conditions. (eg. 1 hour speech to one week intensive course)


Please feel free to ask any questions on my programs.





Business problem-solving exercise

It was a year-end class today at Yokohama National University in Japan.

In my class, “Business problem solving”, the international student groups tackled the following short exercise :


In the exercise, the groups switched the facilitator roles for each question so that they can learn how to facilitate small group discussion efficiently.

It was just a short case but they learned the problem-solving process and how to lead discussion to get a conclusion within the limited time.


We will keep this kind of exercises until the end of semester in Feb.

Assumption making for financial business planning at Yokohama National University

One of the final goals of the international students, studying at YCCS program of Yokohama National University is to make their own “feasible” business plan.


I have five classes in the program, where I teach:

  • Business problem solving
  • Financial business planning
  • Team facilitation
  • Logical thinking (for negotiation, communication etc.)
  • Business data analytics


One of the weakness of the students, who do not have any working experience, is the fact that they do not know how to know the “realistic” assumptions for making a business plan.


In this semester, I only focus on the techniques and knowledge about making reasonable assumptions.

This week, we will talk about “Goal-based” assumption.

This is one of the slides from the class:


I apply “active-learning” for all of my classes, where the students are actively participate in the discussion, assignments and group work.

We will discuss the topic and their own works assigned at the previous week.



Please let me know if you need further information for considering such practical business class at university.

Final exam of “business data analysis” class at Yokohama National University

This is an assignment of another class “Business data analysis” at Yokohama National University.

Students are required to develop their own story, supported with the analyzed data.


This is the key skill-set when you apply those analytical techniques to the practical business issues/proposals.

We have already experienced several similar exercises at the class and I am so excited that they will enjoy it and present interesting insights.


Good luck!


Please send me an email if you / your organization would like to try those lessons/lectures.

Business planning class at Yokohama National University

I saw great progress of my students to develop their own financial plan with business strategy.

It took only three months to achieve it, who did not know even what “Revenue” is in April.

Here is an example output of a student in the class.


The business case was “web site developer” where you need to develop a business plan to reach positive profit within a year.


Reasonable business strategy in line with the assumptions in the business model is also required in the presentation.




This is a fundamental and basic business skill where you will be required in any type of business in the world.


I would be happy to discuss a chance to conduct the class (even as an intensive program).