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How to find business insights from simple data

My business statistics class has started at Yokohama National University.

The first exercise of the class today was making a summary of the customer inquiry data at a shopping mall.


The students (international students from 12 countries) were required to make a brief report of the data with the following consideration:


(1) Which category is the most critical, Gender, Age or type of shop?

(2) At which level do you need aggregate the original data to find the insights effectively?

(3) What is the conclusion rather than calculation results?

You do NOT have to rely on any advanced statistical techniques rather you can use simple tools such as TOTAL, AVERAGE, PERCENTAGE etc.


This is the first step for the students who want to manage business data effectively. They were really excited about the exercise.


Enjoy and study hard!


5 useful tips #4 ~ Data utilization at work

I have just updated “5 useful tips #4” on how you can draw useful insights from your data in the business settings.

This time, I introduce “A pair concept” to develop a two-axis chart, where you do not need any technical knowledge about statistics and data analysis.


You will find the fact that you can apply “data” insights for your daily business only when you know how to connect your issue and data….

No other business/data trainer can deliver this kind of programs since they do not have work-experience in an organization, where a practical approach is required rather than academic approach.

Please let me know if you are intereted in my programs.